My submission is an original work which does not infringe on any third party copyrights. I hereby grant the Gallery the permission to reproduce, modify and publish my submissions digitally or physically for purposes related to any exhibitions and events involving the Gallery, including the Gallery’s Children’s Biennale, partnerships with other museums and any of the Gallery’s marketing or publicity needs. I understand and accept that the Gallery has full discretion on which submissions it will publish or use on its website or otherwise.

Co-creation and collaboration form a key part of the Biennale experience. We allow anyone to submit artworks to the Biennale and make some of these submissions publicly available. We ask that users take this into consideration and be sensitive to how their artworks might be perceived by others. Public submissions are subject to moderation and may be edited or deleted if they are deemed inappropriate. Inappropriate content includes:

  • Content promoting discrimination and hate based on race, religion, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Content promoting violence and illegal activities
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Profanity and coarse language
  • Content advocating unsafe behaviour, such as self-harm or eating disorders Advertisements and spam

We thank you for making the Gallery Children’s Biennale a safe environment for everyone to create and enjoy art!
If you have any other clarifications, please reach out to